How is a website chatbot for businesses stepping ahead of the competition?

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Divya Hathiyani
01 Jun 2022
Website Chatbot for Businesses Stepping Ahead Of the Competition

Website chatbots have several benefits for consumers and companies that ensure their massive popularity and industrial adoption. In every industry, from e-commerce to healthcare, website chatbot are essential to meet the daily requirements of businesses. Several industries' primary objective of website chatbots is to offer uninterrupted customer assistance and push more leads into the funnel.

Here are a few advantages of website chatbots for businesses that you can benefit from:

  • They help establish a more fruitful connection with your potential and existing customers. 

  • Website chatbots are essentially used by businesses to promote new launches or create a buzz for a product or service.

  • The quick response with chatbots helps businesses in improving their customer assistance.

Website Chatbots for Different Industries - Overview, Use-Cases & Benefits

Chatbot for E-commerce Industry

The use of chatbot integration with the website for business in e-commerce is in the air these days. However, the use of website chatbots for ecommerce industry is not just it, they are also used to handle customer queries. With all the technological advancements and harnessing e-commerce potential, it is expected to grow exponentially and hit $7.39 trillion by 2025.

  • Top-selling e-commerce giants promote their products and services with chatbots using various modes like push notifications, emails, and others.

  • In countries like India, where adopting technology takes time, website chatbots are the new updated version of traditional customer assistance methods like calls, emails, or texts. 

  • Chatbots are trained to familiarise your customers and establish trust with its 24*7 instant response systems.

E-commerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart have their website chatbots generate thousands of leads daily with these chatbots.

Chatbot for Hospitality Industry

The hospitality business sector is interrelated to chatbot for hospitality industry and tourism to a large extent. Travel and tourism are booming post-pandemic as people begin to move out. International and national tours across the globe are ruling the travel industry. Website chatbots provide a seamless transition to traditional methods of initial inquiries like phone calls, emails, or even physical visiting. It is also beneficial as it can attend to international customers with little tweaks and train them for the particular language. Global customers visit the website in an international time frame, eventually requiring you to be active throughout the day.

  • Chatbot for hotel industry provide customer assistance throughout the day and help gain international customers.

  • It helps in collecting additional visitor information like luggage, travel information, favorable, and much more. 

  • Chatbot for travel industry helps in automatically syncing this information with your CRM to offer personalized offers and discounts to your visitors.

Chatbot for Automotive Industry

The constantly growing automotive industry is one of the most investment-conscious industries. However, AI and automation have done an impressive job in streamlining the automotive industry. Website chatbots for automotive industry as serve the customer service is one of the most rapidly growing investment-friendly industries. A customer always looks for satisfying answers.

  • Website Chatbots can refer a personalized vehicle to your potential customers.

  • Helps the customer by providing them information about the nearest dealer with tech like GPS integration.

  • It offers hassle-free test drive booking and service reminders. 

  • A chatbot for websites can perform operations like sending reminders, after-sales support, and query handling. 

The German car manufacturers had a history of struggling with the Indian Market. This struggle was mainly because of sales service and availability issues. Website chatbots with other technological advancements have helped the company in booking a 400% growth in sales.

Chatbot for Healthcare Industry

The impact of AI and website chatbots for healthcare industry is very influential. The daily routine file work and other paperwork requirements reportedly consume approximately one-sixth of the average working hours of a physician. Automation and artificial intelligence has solved this issue to a great extent. However, from the customer's point of view, things are different. Healthcare is a crucial and serious industry where customers might have a thousand queries. You cannot ignore one of them. 

  • Website chatbots help provide customer service effectively with real-time bot functions.

  • It facilitates active collaboration between other peers

  • Helps in updating patient records 

  • Automatic reminders for refills of prescriptions and doses.

Chatbot for Banking Sector

The banking sector has also benefited from automation on a large scale. Transactions evolved from paper trails to mobile payments. Chatbots can help with an all-time banking customer assistant to deliver essential customer service 24*7.

  • Chatbots can function as an on-demand personalized banker for individuals.

  • Baking and fiscal services are at the fingertips with the help of chatbot for banking Industry

Chatbot for Financial Services

Website chatbots can provide hassle-free personalized business for organizations offering financial services. These bots are capable of delivering end-to-end financial services and support to individuals.

  • Chatbots can collect data from visitor insights and utilize it to draw personalized loan offers.

  • It helps financial institutions in developing more customer-centric deals.


Website chatbots for businesses are the new-age marketing and customer service executives of organizations. The mainstream use of website chatbots is in every industry globally. These chatbots are integrated into your website to function as a getting personal every time a visitor visits your website. You should have the following as prerequisites to get your free chatbot for website integrated into your website:

  • Complex dialogues

  • Flexible connection

  • Multi-channel functionality

  • Analytics and reporting

Botsdekho offers easy integration with a hassle-free connection of your best chatbot for website on your website. Get yours now!

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