6 E-commerce Chatbots Use Cases

BotsDekho Account Manager
Divya Hathiyani
07 Jun 2022
6 Ecommerce Chatbot Use Cases

E-Commerce chatbots are the new-age sales representative of businesses. This statement proves to be true in the Global e-commerce market. While shopping on any E-Commerce platform, customers have several questions about the product's quality, delivery time, offers, or cashbacks. Unlike the traditional offline stores, there is no specific salesperson associated with every customer to answer their queries personally. Ecommerce Chatbot are the virtual artificial intelligence assistant deployed on the website to function as personalized sales executives for every visitor.

Benefits Of E-Commerce Chatbots

Statistically speaking, 75% of global e-shoppers expect answers to their queries within 5 minutes. Shopping has gone through a revolutionary change with the introduction of the E-commerce marketplace. It is more of an auxiliary action that consumers attempt between other tasks. Customers have stopped dedicating time to shopping, and it has become a quickie with e-commerce. In an e-commerce business, the most important part is conversion rate, traditional means like emails registered close to 21% average conversion. E-Commerce chatbots have grown exponentially with an average response time of 45 seconds.
Sounds great, right?

Use cases chatbots for global e-commerce

Let's go through some more ecommerce chatbot use cases to discover the true potential of website chatbots for e-commerce websites.

Ecommerce Placing Order Chatbot

One of the major issues with an e-commerce business is the conversion of a visitor into a customer. Approximately 70% of products that a visitor visits on e-commerce stores reach up to favorites or carts only. There are several reasons like insufficient product information, less customer satisfaction, and several others for this problem. Chatbots motivate visitors to place an order through regular reminders, previous purchase reviews, and much more.

Ecommerce Payment Integration Chatbot

E-commerce chatbots offer payment integration into your e-commerce store or website to facilitate the purchasing process. Payment Integration churns out a user-friendly payment processing eventually benefiting customers with simpler and easier order placement.

Ecommerce Order Tracking Chatbot

Order delivery expectancy is a vital factor for different e-commerce platforms. While making a purchase, the user is specifically interested in the delivery period of the product. Chatbot in e-commerce helps customers with real-time product updates with text or email reminders. It helps provide constant customer interaction, eventually leading to a much better customer engagement.

Ecommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery

The global cart abandonment rate of e-commerce is 70%, eventually leading to $18 trillion worth of cart items. This is one of the most common issues global e-commerce has faced for years. With the global recognition of e-commerce chatbots' examples and benefits, the average benefit to global e-commerce ranges in trillions of dollars. Chatbots send regular reminders to users and remind them to clear their cart by performing shopping actions. Businesses promote sales with a direct call to action button that takes the user to the billing section of the purchasing process.

Ecommerce Return Order Chatbot

Statistically reported the Global E-Commerce face about 30% order return. Returns are generated when a customer generally lacks satisfaction with the quality of service, like delivery time and delivery status. Chatbots solve customer queries and questions about products to educate them better about their purchase, eventually leading to fewer returns. It leads to a better customer understanding of product expectancy. If a user performs an 'add to cart' action multiple times, an e-commerce chatbot can notify the user that they have similar items in the cart.

Ecommerce Cancel Order Chatbot

Customers generally cancel their order whenever they face issues like purchase error, wrong purchase, better deal, or inappropriate delivery time. An E-Commerce chatbot can easily notify the user about their purchase items quantity to avoid errors and notify them further about the delivery expectancy period so that users know about these factors before making a purchase.


There are several e-commerce chatbots in the market offering promising results. You can get yourself the best chatbot for e-commerce with simple integration in your website or e-commerce marketplace. Chatbots in e-commerce websites can provide you with a personalized assistant for your customers to cater to their queries and questions. BotsDekho offers the best chatbot for e-commerce with hassle-free integration. Any platform with complex dialogues and multi-channel functionality with analytics and reporting features can get the best e-commerce chatbot.

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