Save BIG on Time & Operation Costs with BotsDekho

A unique conversational platform that specializes in providing customer service and resolving issues in real-time by eliminating repetitive queries.

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  •   Automate Notifications
  •   Customized Reporting
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Transforming Businesses with smart Automation

Streamline your business operations and save costs with BotDekho. It is designed as a virtual assistant that will not only take care of routine tasks, but also handle complex queries from customers. Get more done in less time with us. We are your key to efficiency, productivity and better performance.

Lead gen

Lead Generation

Now generate qualified leads useful for your business.

Increase engagement

Keep your existing customers engaged through unique conversation tactics.

Send notification

Connect with your clients through notification and reminders on WhatsApp and Facebook.

Enhance customer support

With smart structure use cases now you will be able to provide better services to your customers.

Multi channel support

Reach your customers on WhatsApp and Facebook for better reach.

NLP based communication

Generate intent based response based on customer inputs.

Keep Conversations Going Across Channels

The chatbot is an astounding technology which can improve the engagement statistics and sells more products on communication channels. BotsDekho will help you to engage more audience for your business.

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Get tailored chatbots for your business

Chatbots are the future and it is about time you get acquainted with them. Businesses that deploy chatbots on their websites can save not just time but also money.

Get Real-time, Personalized Chat Support On Your Fingertips

BotsDekho provides on-the-go, quick and reliable help in closed chats, guiding your clients through their service journey with predefined options and answers.

  • iconGuided conversations
  • iconEasy to integrate
  • iconEasy re-directions
  • iconSave time and money
  • iconEasy reporting structure

An intelligent, human-like Chatbot for faster support

BotDekho provides you with powerful NLP support on-demand. Help your customers resolve issues within seconds with our smart chatbot that delivers top-notch quality and seamless user experience.

  • iconGive space to users to type any random query
  • iconFast response time
  • iconGive human touch to your customers
  • iconEasy transfer to the live agent in case of response failure
  • iconReduce operation cost

Piece of Cake

  • Live Agent

    Assist your customers with queries and doubts round the clock on a real-time basis.

  • NLP Works

    Respond to customer queries faster by analyzing and prioritizing questions according to their complexity.

  • Analytics

    Get deep data insights about your customers and business engagement with advanced chatbot analytics.

  • Customer Support

    Provide seamless customer support and assistance for an enhanced customer experience in a snap of a finger.


What Our Client's Say

There is so much on the CarDekho website, like selling cars, looking for a new one, or simply comparing two models. A user can feel overwhelmed and that’s why customer service is so critical to us. A simple guided chatbot messenger helps us to answer simple questions any time of the day or night!

Cardekho alt CarDekho CarDekho -Sales Team

The chatbot that we got from BotsDekho chatbot messenger is a great addition to our business. People always have a lot of doubts when getting insurance and this easy to use tool helps us clear them. We have customized it according to our business needs and it works super smoothly. Highly recommend it!

Insurance Dekho Insurance Dekho - Sales Team

We strongly believe in serving anyone who needs assistance and the BotsDekho chatbot messenger lets us be available for anyone who needs it real time. We are the department of IT at OTO and it is in the very core of our existence to help with effective communication and the chatbot helps us establish the same.


Our Happy ClientsAchieving Big Results for our Clients

Our bespoke solution is crafted to meet and exceed specific targets for each client. We help our clients achieve better results and surpass their goals with increased user engagement, better quality leads and reduced costs that help them save precious hours to make more valued business decisions.


Qualified Leads

1.2 M+

Hour Saved


heigher engagement

support cost reduction alt


support cost reduction

Multilingual Support For International Users

Available in 100+ languages

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Advanced Integrations Get all your Integrations at one place

We offer a range of integrations and technologies to help businesses thrive in the digital age. With us you can build dynamic websites, grow your business with advanced automation tools and provide better customer service & user experience.